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11.12.2019Cooperation is the only option in the circular economy

Peter Sundt, General Secretary of EPRO, the European Association of Plastics Recycling & Recovery Organisations, sums it up when he says that he sees international cooperation as being key to the success of recycling.


14.11.2007High demand for plastics and rubber unabated on the Russian growth market

In Russia, the international plastics and rubber industry continues to enjoy ideal conditions. The country’s economy continues to grow and experts are predicting a further expansion of between five and seven percent for the current and coming year.


09.04.2007When less is more: Insights to using less packaging

Bob Lilienfeld, who heads Use-less-stuff.com, has championed source reduction as the key to packaging sustainability for more than a decade. Here's his take on overpackaging, the Wal-Mart scorecard, and related topics.

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