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14.04.2010Glass Recycling Market in Russia

This market segment has the following specific feature: 97% of the collected glass comprises unbroken glass containers which, after cleaning and disinfection, are reused as packages for juices, beverages, etc. The remaining 3% of the collected glass (glass scrap) is used as source materials for glass industry. Taking into account the fact that the proportion of recycled glass reaches 20% and that the total amount of glass collected in 2009 was 3,277.2 thousand tons, in 2009 the recycled glass made up 655.4 thousand tons.

14.11.2007Russian Market of Food Glass Containers

Analysis of glass container production is presented in the article with description of dynamics of all-Russia output, regional structure of production and output of leading manufacturers. Analysis includes product kinds corresponding to All-Russia Classifier: 598600 – 0.5 liter glass jars and 598700 – glass bottles

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