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09.11.2017Segezha Group is Expanding its Capacity in Producing Sack Paper

Today a unique paper machine is launched at Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill in the Republic of Karelia. The last such project was implemented in our country as early as in Soviet times. The total investment for the project is 110 million Euro, 80 million Euro of which is the cost of equipment.


09.08.2019Starlinger: New sack collection for woven plastic fabric

As world market leader in machinery for woven plastic fabrics, Starlinger has been setting trends for decades with innovative packaging solutions for dry bulk goods.

27.07.2016Plastic? Yes, please!

In quite some cases plastic packaging is more environmentally friendly than other materials. A recent study shows that plastic sacks are the most sustainable packaging solution for cement...

31.03.2016IC*STAR: New Ways in Woven Sack Production

A stronger sack bottom, material savings, low maintenance requirement – woven polypropylene sacks welded with a sealing band instead of sewn at the bottom bring significant advantages for both producers and users and help protect the environment.

18.11.2013Opening up a new world: Easy Open for PP*STAR® poly-woven pinch bottom bags

Starlinger & Co. GmbH has developed an Easy Open feature for the patented PP*STAR® pinch bottom bags. For the first time it is now possible to use this consumer-friendly opening feature on packaging made of BOPP laminated polypropylene tape fabric, a very lightweight but strong packaging material.

18.12.2007Basell’s redesigned web site features simplified navigation and search tools - and a fresh new look

Searching for information about polyolefins on Basell’s redesigned web site is now a lot easier.

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