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03.03.2017Demand for Pouches Used in Meat Packaging to Grow 5.3% Annually

Demand for pouches used in meat packaging is forecast to climb 5.3% per year to $220 million in 2021, with unit gains expected to advance 3% per year to 1.6 billion units. Above average gains will be driven by the growing preference for products that make meal preparation more convenient.


17.01.2014Efficient production of portion packs

MULTIVAC is able to design a highly efficient packaging procedure for producing portion packs, and therefore to save a significant quantity of packaging material. MULTIVAC will present this concept to the public at interpack 2014.


15.10.2010Viktor Biryukov, President of Talina Group: "The key to success and profitability in any business is a focus on efficiency"

The company’s CEO spoke to the Adam Smith Institute about the potential of the Russian agricultural sector and Talina Group’s plans for this year.

28.06.2010President of Meat Union of Russia, Musheg Mamikonian: "We and the World: the balance of the interests"

Modern Russian economy in general, and meat and meat products market in particular, can develop only under condition of active co-operation with the global market. The choice of development strategy should account for the changing global environment and vary with the global trends. President of Meat Union of Russia, Musheg Mamikonian – concerning global and Russian features of meat market and factors influencing its development in nearest few years.

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