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Nordic Paper increases ambition in its climate targets


Nordic Paper has adopted new targets for reduction of its climate impact. The total emissions of fossil greenhouse gases from Nordic Paper activities, including indirect emissions from purchased goods and services, are to be reduced by 50% to 2030 compared with 2020. In addition, the direct emissions from the company’s own activity and from purchased energy are to be reduced by at least 50% for the same period of time.

Nordic Paper manufactures specialised kraft papers and natural greaseproof papers for use primarily in the food sector. The papers are produced from locally sourced renewable raw materials from sustainably managed forests. Many of the products of the company are supporting a more sustainable society as they replace products made of other materials such as fossil based plastics. The activity of Nordic Paper has climate impact from its own operations, from purchased energy and from other purchased goods and services. After a thorough work carried out over the past decade, the direct emissions from own operations have been reduced so that these emissions are significantly smaller than the indirect climate impact from purchased energy and from other purchased goods and services.

The new climate targets are results of a review of the sustainability strategy carried out by the company. The review also resulted in an updating of the focus areas for the Nordic Paper sustainability work. The updated focus areas are to secure a safe work environment, to reduce climate impact and to deliver products supporting sustainability.

"Sustainability performance and high ambitions within the sustainability area are important parts of our operations and a business driver of increasing importance for us. Our new climate targets signal that we, through our products, contribute to a change to a more sustainable society", says Anita Sjölander, Nordic Paper CEO.

"We have made improvements over the past decade in our operations where we have reduced the use of fossil fuels and also reviewed the use of for example chemicals with high climate impact. A good example over the past year is the focused work carried out at our plant in Säffle to reduce its climate impact. We see that there is potential to do more and we look forward to this work, says Christian Persson", COO of Nordic Paper.

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