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Fabbri Group and the Gamma tray-sealer for the ready meal sector


The machines of the Gamma series of the CAVECO range by Fabbri Group are in-line tray-sealers, ideal for vacuum-, MAP-, skin- and only-sealing packaging.

The Gamma tray-sealers meet the production requirements of large companies with a high level of automation: these packaging machines can be integrated with automatic dosers, multi-head weighers, automatic loading systems, unstackers, lid inserters and 200+ other different optional accessories, giving rise to complex, highly customized lines operating at high speeds that can exceed 200 pieces/minute.

The machine design, the high level of ergonomics and sanitation (IP65), the total accessibility from both sides, the mould exchange that takes place in a few minutes with no need of extra tools, the materials used in manufacturing, the touch control panels, which guide the operator in a more intuitive way, guarantee the highest level of reliability and easy use.

  • Watch the video and see the Gamma tray-sealer in action in the packaging of ready meals: https://www.gruppofabbri.com/ru/our-products/packaging-machines/automatic-traysealing-machines/gamma/
  • Contact the Fabbri sales team [email protected]

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