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Cama Group appoints new Group Sales Director


Cama Group is delighted to announce that Alessandro Rocca has been appointed as the company’s new Group Sales Director.

Rocca, who brings years of technical and commercial experience with him to the role, started out as CNC machine operator at Johnson Controls in 1994, before working his way up the engineering ladder in various companies; eventually moving into project engineering and then sales, when he joined Cama as sales engineering manager in 2014.

“The investment we have put into new technology means that we have a broad spread of capabilities that we can offer our customers, in answer to their most-pressing business needs,” Rocca explains. “As a result, my technical background proved to be essential in my previous roles and will be just as important in this new one.

“If you don’t understand the technology and, more importantly, what it can offer,” he adds, “you cannot full appreciate what our modern packaging machine can achieve. Sometimes it is truly amazing. And in the multiple markets we serve, many of which demand outstanding machine agility, many of our customers need amazing… 365/24/7.”

Annalisa Bellante, HR Director CAMA Group elaborates: “Alessandro offers everything we need from a sales director, and our more technical customers can be confident that he will speak their language and understand their needs, thanks to his engineering background. He also sees the bigger picture and understands customer needs from a holistic standpoint too. We sell our technologies and capabilities based on answers demanded by customers, and Alessandro knows all the right questions to ask!”

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