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Guacamole Pot Provides Excellent Protection and Presentation


The combination of effective product protection and high-impact on-shelf appeal has made the SuperLock® pot from Superfos, a Berry Global company, the ideal solution for a quality fresh and pure guacamole, produced by leading Spanish tropical fruit processor Avomix.

Importantly, the pot is strong enough to withstand high pressure processing. This eliminates the need for additives and preservatives in the product, which has been a major part of Avomix’s offering for over 15 years, as the company’s CEO Juan Antonio explains:

“At Avomix, we focus on putting the most natural products on the market. We want to promote healthy eating through our balanced and all-natural products with no additives, no added sugar, and no preservatives. To this end, the packaging, such as that for guacamole, plays a vital role.”

Avomix uses high pressure processing (HPP) to give the minimally processed avocado products a longer shelf life. HPP inactivates vegetative microorganisms – for instance bacteria, yeasts or fungi potentially found in food products - without compromising the taste, smell, and visual experience.

Natural products which are processed like this need a packaging solution which can resist the very high pressure of the water. At the same time, the pack must look attractive in the retail chill cabinet.

Avomix opted for the SuperLock® pot with a twist-off lid, while the non-barrier in-mould labels with special dyes and lacquers are from Belgium label supplier Verstraete IML.

SuperLock® is manufactured in 100% polypropylene which is a recyclable material. The replaceable lid also protects the contents once opened and allows portion control.

This new packaging solution was the result of close collaboration between Avomix, Superfos and Verstraete IML, creating a moisture and pressure resistant, user-friendly pot with a captivating fresh look.

“For us, it is important that our packaging is of the same high-quality as our guacamole,” concludes Juan Antonio. “We are pleased with the SuperLock® pot. It perfectly meets our expectations; it is strong and looks appealing and the easily reclosable lid is a further benefit for the end-user.”

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