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To support the fast-growing medical cannabis sector – expected to be worth $32 billion globally by 2024 - with automation solutions, Ishida has launched two specialist multihead weighers for the high-speed weighing of pharmaceutical / medical-grade cannabis flowers with close to zero product giveaway.

Both models – the RV-214-Micro for ultra-low target weights from 0.5g to 20g and the RV-214-05 with a weighing range from 3g to 50g – are capable of up to 100 weighments per minute. They feature a new Ishida designed and manufactured loadcell which measures weighing increments as low as 0.01g for the RV-214-Micro and 0.025g for the RV-214-05, thus ensuring unsurpassed accuracy for the weighing of very low target weight applications.

The RV-214-Micro can handle a minimum piece size of 0.5mm, while the RV-214-05 will handle piece sizes as small as 1mm. The hopper size for each model has been designed to deliver the required target weight in a single discharge.

Weighing effectiveness has been further optimised through electro polished 316 grade stainless steel contact parts which minimise the build-up of product residues.

Both weighers incorporate many of the existing advanced features of Ishida’s market-leading RV range to deliver pinpoint weighing accuracy at high speeds. These include Pulse Width Modulation, which auto tunes the dispersion table and radial troughs for enhanced infeed control; Ishida’s unique triple combination calculation software that calculates three optimal weight combinations, double checks them and then selects the one nearest to the target weight, all in a single cycle; and a five stage digital filter for rapid, stable calculations.

Both models are equipped with an easy-to-use 12.1” Remote Control Unit with 200 product pre-sets for ease of set up and reduced changeover times.

An additional unique benefit of the Ishida RV range is its Anti-Floor Vibration feature, which removes background vibration noise from the loadcell calculation for maximum accuracy. The compact dimensions of the RV-214-Micro – requiring only a quarter of the space of a standard multihead weigher – offer a significantly smaller footprint in pack halls, which is especially beneficial in white-room environments.

To support companies in the implementation of Industry 4.0, the Reporting Pack of Ishida’s Sentinel™ remote monitoring software can be included free of charge to help companies gain instant access and visibility to the weighers’ performance from anywhere in the world.

Both of the new Ishida multihead weighers for pharmaceutical / medical-grade cannabis flowers are GMP compliant.

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