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"Snow Owl with Organic Spirit" – flavour born in natural harmony


BELUGA GROUP, one of Russia’s largest alcohol companies, has released a new product: please welcome “Snow Owl with Organic Spirit” – a new member to the well-known vodka range “Snow Owl”.

The key ingredient of the new vodka is 100% organic spirit produced from wheat grown under natural conditions without the use of synthetic pesticides, mineral fertilizers, growth regulators or genetically modified products.

The fusion of organic spirit, authentic northern ingredients harvested beyond the Arctic Circle and special filtration technology with three layers of white quartz sand gives the product its clean, mellow and well-balanced flavour.

Traditionally, the design adaptation and label production for the “Snow Owl” brand is carried out by long-term supplier CCL-Kontur – and this time was no exception. The main task was to produce a clean, super white label to emphasise natural ingredients used for the manufacturing process. Different printing technologies and an elaborate choice of materials helped achieve the desired effect. This combination transfers the boundlessness of a vast field to the label background. A relief foil stamping that perfectly imitates direct bottle decoration was used to highlight the elegant snow owl flying above. An excellent match for the owl image is created with a fine embossing that completes the high-quality decoration.

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