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SIG’s CO2-reduced carton pack now used for Milsani UHT milk range


In Spain, ALDI – one of the main discounters in Europe – has chosen the combibloc EcoPlus 1.000ml aseptic carton pack from SIG as a sustainable packaging solution for its Milsani long life milk range, reducing CO2 by up to 28% compared to using a conventional 1-litre SIG carton pack of the same format.

The CO2 saving of up to 28 per cent is due to the material composition. The main component of combibloc EcoPlus is 82% unprocessed paperboard, which is made from the renewable and entirely bio-based FSCTM-certified raw material wood and gives the carton stability. A ultra-thin polyamide layer serves as a barrier to protect the product from flavour loss and external odours. Added to the aluminium-free combibloc EcoPlus carton pack are fine polyethylene layers, inside and out. The inner layer forms a liquid barrier for the product while the outer layer keeps moisture out.

The environmental benefit of combibloc EcoPlus, based on the life cycle of the carton from the production of the raw materials right up to the final manufactured carton pack, has been verified in an independent, ISO-compliant life-cycle assessment, conducted by Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IFEU).

Mònica Díaz, Corporate Responsible from ALDI Spain: “ALDI Spain is based on the principle of ‘avoid, reuse and recycle’ to help combat the issue of packaging waste, while also promoting the circular economy. Sustainability is also very important to our consumers, who expect high quality but also packaging solutions with minimal impact on the planet. By choosing SIG’s combibloc EcoPlus solution for our Milsani milk range, we’re offering one of the most eco-conscious and premium carton packaging option available.”

Milsani milk products are filled by one of Spain’s leading suppliers of high-quality dairy products, on a CFA310 filling machine from SIG.

Helena Bayo, Head of Iberia at SIG: “Our close cooperation with ALDI ensures we are able to meet the company’s important sustainability goals, as well as bringing added value to Milsani milk consumers. Both companies are committed to always acting as responsibly as possible and ALDI’s sustainable promise has perfect synergy with our Way Beyond Good net-positive approach.”

In partnering with SIG, ALDI Spain has been provided with product innovation and differentiation as part of SIG’s Value Proposition, which aims to deliver innovative product and packaging solutions that enable businesses to satisfy ever-changing needs.

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