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FKuR at K2019: Sustainable reusable cups made from biobased plastics


Visitors to K2019 (October 16 to 23 in Dusseldorf) will be able to have a 350 ml reusable cup filled with freshly brewed coffee from FKuR at booth E48 in hall 6. Dom Polymer-Technik has used biobased plastics from FKuR’s extensive portfolio to fulfill different functional requirements.

  • dom chose FKuR’s Terralene® HD 4527 for the main elements of the cup and lid. This injection-molded polyethylene compound is based on 95% renewable resource material and is approved for food contact (to EN 10/2011 and US FDA). As a result of its high rigidity and durability, this material is also suitable for long-life products such as engineering parts, toys, caps and closures, cosmetic articles and general purpose containers. At the end of their life, products made from Terralene® can be disposed of in existing PE recycling streams.
  • The cover flap (clipped onto the cup lid) is made from Braskem’s I'm green ™ PE grade HDPE SHA 7260 which has a renewable raw material content of 94%.
  • For the cuff, dom uses Terraprene® SI 601, a partially biobased TPE compound from FKuR, which can be processed and used like oil-based TPE-S grades. With its non-slip surface and its insulating effect, this material, which is also approved for food contact, ensures that the cup can be held securely even with hot, freshly filled coffee. As a result of its excellent adhesion to polyolefins, Terraprene is also well suited for the production of hard-soft composites in two-component injection molding.

Patrick Zimmermann, Member of the Executive Board of FKuR: "As a supplier of one of the world's broadest portfolio of biodegradable and biobased plastics, we have selected a practical and attractive give-away for K2019 that impressively shows how single use products can be replaced by reusable products and how their benefits can be further increased through the choice of sustainable materials."

FKuR's presence at the K2019 will focus on its extensive portfolio of biobased and compostable thermoplastics as well as new developments for a wider range of applications including packaging, consumer products, sporting goods and technical components. These include two glass-reinforced grades from the Bio-Flex® and Terralene® family, both with high stiffness, and three Terraprene® TPE grades, one characterized by its high bio-content, while the other two are oil-free.

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