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Pack Format Opens up New Opportunities


The move of a leading US brand of organic baby foods from glass to plastic has been facilitated by the technical and manufacturing capabilities of Berry Global.

The adoption of the 4oz and 4.5oz custom-moulded multilayer PP cups for a newly-installed packing line for Yummy Organics baby food from Initiative Foods will enable the company to develop the growing e-commerce market for its products. Equally important, the packs’ integrity and resistance to breakage provide important consumer safety benefits while the multilayer barrier technology preserves the freshness and quality of the product over a long shelf-life. The ability of the cups to be nested during storage and transportation also offers important logistics benefits.

The packs are thermoformed in PP/EVOH/PP, are retortable and can be hot-filled, delivering an extended ambient shelf-life. The cups are produced by Bebo Bouxwiller and the lids at Bebo Plastik. The project was co-ordinated by the sales team at Bramlage Morgantown USA, who supply the products to US distributor TricorBraun, with whom the company already has a strong working partnership.

The deal demonstrates how inter-divisional co-operation and capabilities within Berry Global can be leveraged to provide customised packaging solutions in line with individual customer requirements. Conversion from glass to plastic in key markets such as baby foods is becoming more prevalent both to support e-commerce trade opportunities and provide enhanced consumer convenience and safety.

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