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As a global packaging supplier, Crown is committed to understanding the values and evolving trends that drive consumer purchasing decisions. The Company recently partnered with the design and research agency Kinneir Dufort to understand consumer perceptions of food packaging formats and their behavior when shopping.

The study followed U.K. consumers from a variety of demographics over a two-day research study where they were asked to explore the soup, vegetable, fish, ready meal and pet categories and to provide contextual insight into how consumers store, open and use food packaging.

The goal was to validate and better understand how metal packaging is perceived, how it is used in everyday life, its functionality and consumers’ opinions on how it can be improved. Several key learnings were identified as a result of the study. For example, for older consumers, it is clear that food cans with easy-open ends have high value. In addition, this demographic as a whole displays fierce brand loyalty. Meanwhile, younger consumers placed high priority on sustainability, recycling and minimizing waste. They demonstrated an openness towards new, modern, dynamic packaging and graphics. Pet owners showed great familiarity and experience with a variety of package formats due to the high level of innovation in the sector.

As a result of the study, Crown has developed a number of “influencer platforms” designed to put insights gained into action and deliver packaging that appeals to the modern consumer. “We take our responsibility as a partner to our customers seriously and know that delivering packaging that truly connects with consumers and motivates them to make a purchase requires truly understanding who they are and what they value,” said Laetitia Durafour, Marketing & Communication Director at Crown Food Europe. “Undertaking research studies like this one enables us to advise, develop and create innovative packaging formats.

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