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A new line for the production of consumer paper packaging Segezha Group has been commissioned in Salsk, Rostov Region


October 15, the second production line of the branch Segezha Packaging LLC was launched in the city of Salsk, Rostov Region. The company is a member of the timber holding Segezha Group (JSFC Sistema).

The new Triumph 5 QT SK bag making line from the German concern GARANT MASCHINEN will produce single-layer paper bags and bags with twisted handles. Capacity of the high-tech equipment – 25 million pieces of paper packaging per year.

The production launch ceremony was opened by Governor of Rostov Region Vasily Golubev, Managing Partner of JSFC Sistema, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Segezha Group Ali Uzdenov and President of Segezha Group Mikhail Shamolin.

The Governor wished the company success, good demand and decent wages to employees, welcomed the creation of new environmentally friendly facilities in the region:

“Creation of such production facilities is aimed at preserving our natural wealth, the atmosphere and environment which we live in,” said Vasily Golubev at the opening, “I found it necessary to be here because I know the potential of this plant and reliable company, which has proven its competence in various places of the world, and of course in our country. I want to thank Segezha Group for moving forward in the implementation of our agreements.”

In response, President, Chairman of the Board of Segezha Group Mikhail Shamolin noted that the company consciously chose Rostov Region for the implementation of the investment project.

“First of all, because the region has created a favorable climate for investment, it’s pleasant and comfortable to work here,” stressed the Head of the Timber Industry Holding, “We see this plant as a future hub for the production of eco-friendly paper packaging, not only for Rostov Region, but also for the whole Russia, and even for export. We will focus on two areas – industrial multi-format packaging for cement and other building mixtures and consumer packaging segment that we are switching to today.”

Mikhail Shamolin stated that paper bags will gradually replace polyethylene, which is used in retail trade, primarily in the sale of food and other consumer products from shopping centers.

“It is no secret that paper packaging is much more environmentally friendly than plastic bags which do not decompose for hundreds of years, and those plastic bags that are distributed in stores for free often end up on the roadsides, which is detrimental to the environment,” said the President of Segezha Group. At the same time, he focused the attention of the guests of the event that in many countries of the world the use of plastic packaging is already prohibited. In his opinion, the same trend will inevitably come to Russia.

“We want to be ready for this. We have installed a line that can produce up to 25 million bags per year. But, according to our estimates, the market demand is hundreds of millions. And general needs, if we include plastic packaging, in Russia is far beyond a billion pieces. In this regard, we can say that the new line is the first step. You can see that the territory of this enterprise was designed and built to provide more than enough space, and we certainly intend to expand,” said Shamolin. “For this year we are making plans to purchase and install an additional line in the industrial packaging segment, but also two more lines that are similar to the one we are launching today.”

The President of Segezha Group also expressed hope for the development of cooperation with Rostov Region: “We have invested 1 billion 800 million rubles in this plant so far. 70 jobs have been created, we are recruiting additional 20 people, and we do not intend to stop there. We hope to achieve our business goals, as well as social ones in the development of the region’s economic potential.”

Participants of the event: Andrei Brotsman, Vice President for Commercial Activities of Segezha Group; Maksim Pisarev, Vice President – Head of the Paper and Packaging Division; Milena Simonova, Managing Director for Public Relations of Segezha Group.

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