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Rybpromresurs: equipment, ingredients and technologies for the fishing industry at Agroprodmash 2017


For the second year in a row the Agroprodmash exhibition has organized the Rybpromresurs Salon.

The fish processing sector has been arranged at Agroprodmash before. Now creation of a separate specialized salon will simplify work for everybody: visitors can find solutions of interest and obtain necessary information; exhibitors, for their part, will prove to be interesting for their potential customers and can generate new business leads more effectively. Opening of a stand-alone salon at Agroprodmash is largely due to the fact that in recent years the fishing industry has received a critical and constructive attention of the government and has shown an upward trend. It is definitely that upcoming Agroprodmash will enable businessmen to draw preliminary conclusions on 2017 and assess activity markers of fish processing plants.

In 2017 the salon will be organized in Forum pavilion. The participants in the salon will be nearly 20 companies from Russia, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, and China. Equipment for fish processing will be presented by AgroBaltProject, Baader, Nordischer Maschinenbau, Nordika, Rybtehcentr, Technologicheskoe Oborudovanie; ingredients for the fishing industry – Omega Food Technologies; ozonizers for the fishing industry – Rios; fishing gear – Primorskoye Setevyazalnoye Proizvodstvo (Primorye netmaking); equipment for storage of fish products – Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions; and a number of other companies offering solutions for advanced processing including fish raw materials (e.g., Reich Thermoprozesstechnik, Schroter Technologi). Russian and foreign companies Fujian Snowman (China), Gigroterm (Russia) and Eurochiller (Italy) will showcase their equipment for chilling and freezing of fish and seafood. This showcase reflects the trends in a growing production of frozen fish fillet and growth of domestic demand for frozen fish (which is partially satisfied by growing imports). Moreover, by well-established tradition Agroprodmash will propose solutions for fish processing within other salons, e.g., Packaging Salon that will be arranged in Pavilion No.1. As in 2016, there will be a presentation area where the industry experts can discuss the issues devoted to the technologies of drying, sun drying, cold smoking, and conservation of fish, industrial hygiene, and processing of fish wastes in fish meal, fish oil, and other relevant issues. The exhibitors offering solutions for the fishing industry get an opportunity to deliver a presentation before the Rybpromresurs salon visitors. The Presentation Zone will be located in the centre of the Salon in Forum Pavilion.

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