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New Unique Barrier Coating for Food Packaging from Clariant


Cartaseal VGL from Clariant has been specially developed for food packaging (including frozen food packs) and provides a breakthrough for paper and board producers as it can be applied either on-line or off-line.

Used as a barrier for grease, oils, water and water vapour it is suitable for products such as pizzas, fish, meats, pies and other convenience foods. An effective alternative to extrusion coating it can be recycled, repulped and also composted. The first large scale commercial use of Cartaseal VGL is in South America where the market for convenience food is growing rapidly. The unique water-based barrier coating is now being manufactured in Brazil to supply major pulp, paper and board producer Suzano.

Developed by Clariant’s global paper chemicals centre in the UK, the technology for Cartaseal VGL is being used by the Company’s Brazilian manufacturing plant to support Suzano’s venture into board products for the food sector. Suzano are now supplying this market with their TP Polar board. Product Manager Niko Kinnunen said: “It is very satisfying to see an innovative product that has been carefully developed used successfully on a large commercial scale. We now aim to make Cartaseal VGL available on a worldwide basis.”

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