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Packing Factory MILK passed the social audit Sedex


LLC "Present package" passed the social audit and registered in Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange). Sedex compliance means that enforcement the code of ethics of the company, a civilized approach to the people and the working environment.

Packing Factory MILK is a provider of Danone - multinational companies require their suppliers to pass a mandatory audit for compliance with the requirements of Sedex. Report on the activities of the members of Sedex contains information on compliance with enterprise standards of international and national labor law, about the creation of working conditions for employees in the field of occupational safety and health.

Social audit Sedex involves both document checks, inspection of production, and interviews with staff. On the question of whether or not the factory provides a comfortable working environment, senior operator line lamination Alpatov Alexey responds:

- Not only the conditions have been created, but all developing: organized free delivery staff, new locker rooms and showers are built – these rooms already were in good condition, but now the area are expanding. I'm at the factory for three years. Employee turnover we have not, like other enterprises, where people came, worked, gone. I work 12 hours a day, but during the shift load is moderate, salary for the job is a good, I think. The leadership we have sociable: not in the room to himself cause, all the time come to production, so there will be questions – will be able to solve quickly. A nice bonus - the payment of travel to work and back.

We walked to this result throughout our labor activity, - says Chief Accountant Olga Perehodova. - Not that we were told: the audit, and we hurry up social policies to implement. Careful attention to every employee - one of the main principles declared and implemented by management.

The resulting audit certificate also confirms the performance of the environmental security of international legal requirements and environmental protection, maintaining fair business. In total, more than 23,000 registered Sedex manufacturers and suppliers from 160 countries.

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