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Tetra Pak creates a fully renewable gable top package for the US


Tetra Pak has successfully produced a regional version of Tetra Rex® Bio-based for the US market. Known as the “Gable Top Bio-based ”, the package is made entirely from plant based materials and has been configured to be used on existing gable top filling machines, without the need for any modification or additional investment.

Like all Tetra Rex Bio-based packages, this version is manufactured solely from a combination of paperboard and plastics derived from plants, which can be traced back to their source. It offers customers a package that is good for the environment … and excellent for their brand.

Launched in October 2014, Tetra Rex Bio-based quickly gained popularity among customers and consumers. Last week, the company announced that it expects to deliver more than 100 million fully renewable packages to customers globally during 2016.

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