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Brueckner Servtec at Chinaplas 2016


At Chinaplas 2016 Brückner Servtec (Hall E1, Booth K03) shows state-of-the-art solutions how film producers can enhance the profitability and the film quality of their existing film stretching lines with special upgrades and services.

Specialty films for high-margin applications

For the production of multilayer films Brückner Servtec will present upgrading concepts for existing film stretching lines. Multilayer films are used for high-quality and high-margin applications, including white, voided and metallized films for food packaging, synthetic paper for business cards and high-barrier film for packaging with aroma protection.

Clip and chain refurbishment

Furthermore, visitors will get to know Brückner’s enhanced clip and chain services in China. It provides professional refurbishment and services at roller and sliding track systems for BO film production. The service is also available for non-Brückner lines. It ensures uptime, reliability and saves investment costs for new tools and equipment.

Relocation of film stretching lines

Another highlight at the booth will be the relocation of film stretching lines. Due to its vast experience, Brückner offers support for an efficient and professional relocation process. The scope spreads from first consultancy and engineering, over disassembly services, to re-installation and start-up at the new location. Customers appreciate the competence of upgrading and modifications for optimized line performance.

New virtualization concept

Additionally, Chinese film producers will get to know the new concept for virtualized IPC server. It increases the uptime and availability of the equipment. The original installation is detached from any hardware dependencies by adding an additional virtualization layer called “hypervisor”. The hypervisor is the connection between software, application and hardware.

New Service Program in China - TSP

At Chinaplas Brückner Servtec will also present the Technical Service Packages (TSP) which provide service at a glance (e.g. 24/7 service support, on-site training and services, spare part handling, and much more).

Energy Saving

Efficient energy use in film production is more important than ever since it is an energy intensive manufacturing method. Therefore, Brückner Servtec shows energy saving technologies for “green” film production, e.g. premium efficiency motors (IE3) or heat recovery systems.

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