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iPlast welcomed representatives of waste collecting businesses at the Conference "New Container – New Opportunities"


The conference was organized to present to the guests the «iPlast» 3-years development strategy and prospects of the waste containers production growth. The discussion covered some new approaches and complex solutions in the sphere of waste collection and transport.

More than 40 visitors from different regions took part in the conference. They were taken to an excursion around «iPlast» production facilities to watch molding process of the 1100 liter waste container on Engel 5500, the biggest molding machine in the Eastern Europe. The guests were able to see the demonstration of waste loading into the European-type rear-loader. During the around-city-excursion the people could fully realize the advantages of usage of the plastic waste containers in Nizhnekamsk yards.

Being the producer of the first Russian plastic waste container «iPlast» shared with the conference participants its plans for further diversification of the waste containers range. At present the Company makes 1100 and 120 liter waste containers. By the end of 2013 «iPlast» targets to master industrial production of 240 and 660 liter waste bins. Consequently the Company will have in stock the whole range of waste containers.

Manufacturing capacities of «iPlast» allow the Company to produce more than 200 thousand containers per year, which means «iPlast» can provide with a sufficient amount of waste containers to meet the growing demands of Russia and the CIS countries.

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