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Unipack.Ru is publishing an Official Newspaper AGROPRODMASH-2013


Unipack.Ru is a media partner of the exhibition organiser Expocentre ZAO. According to an exlusive agreement with the organiser, Unipack.Ru is preparing for publishing the Official Newspaper of the exhibition AGROPRODMASH-2013, which is held in 7-11 October 2013, in Expocentre fairgrounds (Moscow).

The newspaper will be distributed at the registration desks FREE-of-CHARGE.

Circulation of each issue - 10000 printed copies + unlimited webversion (~10000 downloads).
Format - A3, matt art paper. High quality full colour printing.

The Official Exhibition Newspaper AGROPRODMASH'2013 will include:

  • Articles about food processing (meat, poultry, dairy & milk, confectionary, beverage, confectionery and baking, fat-and-oil, fish and seafood, vegetable & fruit, grain, etc.)
  • Articles about machineries and materials
  • Technological news
  • New in food and packaging processing
  • Russian Market analysis
  • New marketing reports
  • Interview with experts
  • Production promo-reports
  • and other materials

We offer your company to publish a promo-article or advertisement on pages of the newspaper.

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Please contact our managers for a SPECIAL OFFER:
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel. +7(495)2320940, +7(495)2320941, +7(495)2320951

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