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Scholle Packaging acquires ZORK™


Scholle Packaging, the Pioneer of Bag-In-Box™, announces the acquisition of ZORK, pioneering developer of ‘peel and reseal’ closures for wine and spirits.

Scholle Packaging is the global leader in providing the wine, beer and spirits industry, with innovative films and closures, e.g. FlexTap™, for flexible packaging. The ZORK acquisition falls in line with Scholle’s current performance polymer technologies and now allows further expansion of their precision closure offering for both rigid and flexible container applications in the wine and spirits market.

“The acquisition of ZORK is key to Scholle’s Customer Integrated Packaging business unit,” mentions Richard Barrett, Director of Global Wine and Spirits for Scholle Packaging. “We are now able to expand our closure product offering to service new and existing customers who pack in rigid formats, while maintaining the focus on our key flexible packaging customers.”

According to John Brooks, co-founder and Technical Director of ZORK, “The relationship between Scholle Packaging and ZORK has developed positively over the past several years, with a natural alignment in industry vision, technology and customer focus. I am very pleased to now be part of their highly skilled team.”

ZORK SPK™ and STL™ closures are among the products Scholle Packaging will now offer as a result of the acquisition. The STL is an established, alternative closure for still wines in Australia, Europe and the United States. The SPK is the world’s first and only commercially proven re-sealable closure for sparkling wines and is already making a significant impact on sparkling wine markets globally.

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