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The Russian market of PET remains dependent on import supplies


Despite increased volumes of PET production in 2010 in Russia, the market remains dependent on import supplies of the material which made 11.2 KT in January, according to MRC DataScope.

By the end of 2010 the three Russian PET producers increased their production up to 312 KT. Among them 137 KT of PET was produced by POLIEF, 98,3 KT – by Plant of new polymers "SENEG", and 76,7 KT – by Sibur-PETF. Overall imports of primary PET exceeded 260 KT last year.

In January changes in the structure of supplies by countries were marked. The level of December imports was preserved by the companies from South Korea (KP Chemical, Tongkook, SK Chemical). PET purchases from the Chinese companies (Jiangsu Sanfangxiang, China Resources Chemicals, Sinopec, Shanghai Hengyi Polyester) reduced almost twice, and there were only few supplies from Lithuania.

Launch of new capacities in Kaliningrad region will soon reduce the dependence of the Russian market on imports. As we reported earlier, in the second half of February a new Alco-Nafta plant was launched on the basis of Mariyskiy oil refinery with total capacity of 220 KTa. While the enterprise is debugging its technological process, the loading of capacities makes only 60% or 140 KTa.

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