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Amcor Flexibles wins FPA Award for Technical Innovation


Amcor Flexibles is proud to announce that last night we received the 2009 FPA (Flexible Packaging Association) Silver award in the category Technical Innovation for Galaxy® Mistletoe Kisses™ packed in Amcor ZigZag.

The award was received by Christoph Bölk, Commercial Director at Amcor Flexibles Schroeder & Wagner, during the FPA’s 2009 annual meeting in Naples, Florida, USA.

Amcor ZigZag is a unique opening solution which allows the consumer to separate the Mistletoe Kisses™ wrapper into several pieces without touching the chocolate. The wrapper can be opened anywhere along the length of the bar which enables the consumer to choose exactly where to tear the pack open.

"Our Galaxy® Mistletoe Kisses™ flow wrap contains 3 single pieces in one wrap. Consumers who want to share the product or save part of it for eating later clearly benefit from the possibility to open the pack anywhere along the length of the wrapper. I am very proud that our Galaxy® Mistletoe Kisses™ has been awarded for Technical Innovation by the FPA. This joint accolade continues to build our relationship with Amcor," explains the Head of Packaging Innovation at Mars Chocolate Europe.

Amcor ZigZag is ideal for many products which are shared or eaten on-the-go. The consumers are able to divide the wrapper into several pieces without touching the actual product. Also, the zigzag edge along the seal also clearly differentiates the pack on the shelf.

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