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New pouched waters for New Year


In early 2009, Hydropouch Corp., Chicago, IL, is set to launch two new pasteurized, hot-filled, nutrient-enhanced water beverages in 250-mL stand-up, high-gloss, flexible pouches with resealable, push/pull spouted valves. The spouts are applied to the preformed, foil/PET laminate pouches during the pouch filling process.

The all-natural beverages—and no high-fructose corn syrup—are being marketed in two varieties, TORQ, and Ice(2)O. Hydropouch describes these beverages as the market's new "Capri Sun" for adults. Suggested retail price for a 6-pack of the 250-mL pouch-packed waters is $4.89. Initial product rollout will be in the Miami, FL area and in the central Colorado ski resort region.

In a strategic alliance arrangement, Hydropouch owns the pouch-filling machinery, which is installed at an unnamed contract packaging facility. The pouch, spout, filling equipment, and corrugated display case suppliers are considered proprietary.

The pouch mock-ups were digitally printed in four colors by CL&D Digital. CL&D also printed the corrugated display cases in four colors. CL&D worked closely with Hydropouch during the pouch and display case prototyping process. Finished mock-ups were used to help secure investor backing and promote prelaunch marketing activity.

Kirk Kessler, president and founder of Hydropouch, notes, "CL&D is good at what they do, and they want their clients to succeed. They are affordable and easy to work with. I am impressed by the exceptional quality of the mock-ups they provided."

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