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Natura Platina – for shining packaging


Stora Enso Natura Platina is a bleached liquid packaging board with a shiny, metalized polymer coating on top. The board also has an aluminium foil for the superb barrier properties needed in packaging such extended shelf-life products as wine, yoghurt and juice.

Stora Enso offers now Natura Platina board for demanding, high-end liquid packaging. The board is being used in Norway by the dairy company Tine, which sells its Mana Fruit Juice series in one-liter cartons manufactured by Elopak. The juice is a good example of an added-value functional food product. “Natura Platina is an attractive liquid packaging board for any market where customers want to have a more exclusive look for their products to support sales and promotional activities,” says Ola Tönnberg, Sales Director, Liquid Packaging Board, at Stora Enso Skoghall mill.

The board’s exceptional metallic look is achieved by applying a metalized bi-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film on top of the board. The aluminium foil on the reverse side provides excellent barrier against humidity, oxygen, odours, grease and light. Natura Platina can be used for all typical gable-top package sizes, from small portion packs to two-liter cartons.

“We have long experience in coating for liquid packaging board with all available coating materials and barrier layers, and we are constantly conducting trial runs on behalf of customers and for our own product development. For this application, we have established close cooperation with Elopak, which also developed a white UV-curable ink suitable for printing Natura Platina in their flexographic printing process,” Tönnberg says.

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