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RPC Llantrisant Shows its Bottle - and it is 30 percent recycled


Following a successful trial with Marks & Spencer, RPC Containers Llantrisant is now producing standard PET juice bottles containing 30% post consumer recycled (PCR) content.

“We have been working hard for many years on developing the percentage of rPET in our bottles,” explains Dean Williams, Designer at RPC Llantrisant. “Having consistently achieved a quality of bottle with 30% PCR that is equivalent to 100% virgin PET, we feel the time is right to offer this product as standard to reflect the growing demand for recycled content in plastics packaging.”

He adds that the next challenge is to increase the percentage of PCR content to 50% and RPC Llantrisant is well underway with ongoing development work in this area.

The site’s success in juice bottles has been underlined by the installation of a new single stage PET processing machine. The Aoki 350 is the eighth such model purchased by RPC Llantrisant and brings the total number of Aoki machines on-site to 24.

“This investment is necessary to meet capacity of combined new projects and increased volumes of existing work,” Dean Williams explains

Источник: WEBpackaging.com

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