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Meet a packaging superstar: DuPont Surlyn


Meet a packaging superstar: DuPont™ Surlyn. It's a preferred choice for flexible packaging heat-seals, especially when facing challenges such as grease or particles in the seal area. Surlyn® starts tacking quickly, at low temperatures, and seals reliably over a wide temperature range for trouble-free, high-speed packaging line operation.

Surlyn® also is ultra-clear and super-tough, for clear-as-glass plastic molded parts and bright, glossy films with outstanding toughness and puncture resistance. Cosmetics and luxury goods packaging designers love working with Surlyn® because it looks like glass, without the weight or fragility. It can be frosted, faceted or finished for special glass-like effects, and can be colored with complete design freedom to create elegant translucency.

With its low thermal mass compared with glass and most other plastics, DuPont™ Surlyn® has a "warm touch," further enhancing luxury goods experience.


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