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Printronix has entered into aт alliance with label manufacturer Nashua Corp.


Printronix Inc. , the leading integrated supply-chain printing solutions manufacturer, has entered into a North American strategic alliance with label manufacturer Nashua Corp. to provide smart labels designed to achieve maximum performance with Printronix radio frequency identification (RFID) printers. The alliance will provide superior interoperability between RFID printers/encoders and RFID label media, offering higher RFID label throughput that results in less downtime and lower operating costs.

"Our agreement with Nashua is a component of our Printronix RFID Label Assurance Program," said George Harwood, senior vice president and chief financial officer, Printronix. Printronix expects to target customers seeking consistent label performance with its Nashua relationship. Although Nashua will be the primary source of smart labels, Printronix will continue to work with other label manufactures in the packaging industry.

"Printronix is the recognized leader in RFID printing and shares our industry reputation of providing the highest-quality products and superior customer service," said Thomas A. Pagel, president, Label Products Division, Nashua. "Together, we've extended our commitment to the RFID market by guaranteeing users a worry-free experience. We're confident this coalition will result in superior interoperability between Printronix RFID printers and labels. Users will see fewer label rejections because of 'bad' or 'quiet' tags."

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